Anime Timeline

Hayate no Gotoku! Hayate the Combat Butler: Can`t Take My Eyes Off You

  • Type: TV Show
  • Date: Thursday
  • Airs: October 4
  • Studio: Manglobe

A new Hayate no Gotoku TV series.

With a debt of 1.5 million, 16-year old Hayate Ayasaki's parents sell him to the Yakuza to pay it off. Not wanting to be cut up and sold on the black market, Hayate escapes from the Yakuza thugs and finds a very rich girl by the name of Nagi wandering in a park at night.

Deciding to kidnap the girl for ransom money, Hayate's kidnapping speech was wrongly taken as a confession of love for Nagi. She finds out about the debt and, feeling sorry for Hayate, pays it off, as long as Hayate will be her buttler until he pays off the 1.5 million (which will take about 40 years).